Fuji JPEG editing do or don't?

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Re: RAW with Camera Profile...

Todd Jones wrote:

Hi all. This question has been bothering me lately. I shoot raw + jpeg but find it's so much easier getting the look I want wether B&W or COLOR by just editing the jpeg file I Lightroom. I honestly can't see any degradation of the file. Tweak the tone curve, adjust whites, blacks, exposure, reduce saturation, vignette or whatever. Probably the only thing I don't do is sharpen.

I know, why don't I just do the same to the raw file? Because it just takes a lot longer. A lot. And multiply by 100+ images and kiss your evening good bye.

So what do you think? Do you only edit raw? Or are you editing your jpegs? How much? Do you see degradation, if so how? Thanks a bunch!

Hm, I bought a camera for its 14 bit color depth, and then go with the JPGs only? Not for me

My workflow in LR: I apply the approbiate camera profile first (most times the Astia simulation), and then do my edits on the file. You can do minor changes on the JPG as well, but if you change the colors a bit more (WB or color dynamic), you need the extra bits from the RAW.

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