Is a Higher End M Body Rumored to be Coming?

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Re: Is a Higher End M Body Rumored to be Coming?

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Looks to be coming to me...

Last two entries.

Could easily be RF mount cameras. Nothing in the Nokishita release indicates which mount is utilized.

I am very skeptical that Canon would make an aps-c R model.

Canon needs APS-C R models or they will loose the current 80D/7D II user base to the competition, and Canon needs these models very soon.

Sony is rumored to be launching a mini-A9 with a crop sensor. This new Sony camera, along with the Fuji X-T3, are going to start looking very tempting for those with the somewhat aged 80D and 7D II.

Interesting rumor.

It won't be a APS-C R; it'll be a compact FF.

At the risk of repeating myself, I'd bet you lunch that 26MP FF mirrorless in Nokishita this morning is an R100; a no EVF, no grip, small battery economic FF mirrorless R mount.

No 4K though, just like the 6D II sensor it's sporting.

What's telling is once again, the slide deck Canon threw out there, and that 35mm is begging to be married to something like what I'm describing in the same way you mount a 22mm on the original EOS M.

A compact full frame camera using the 6D II sesnor is definitely a possibility. However, that camera is not an upgrade path for the 80D/7D II user base. The frame rate and buffer of the R are already pretty bad and this mini 6D will likely be even worse. That's where the two crop sensor mirrorless camera come into the discussion. Are they DIGIC 8 updates to the existing M series cameras, or are they the first APS-C RF mount cameras?

It's not for everyone. Only certain groups. That adapter does take EF-S optics though. I suspect Canon is targeting the small but powerful crowd (that's less cost sensitive) and those wanting to "upgrade" to FF this gives them a direct route where they can maintain their EF-S base, but, start to buy into EF or RF optics both of which are a win for Canon.

There's still a place for native crop offerings, however, Canon is looking to streamline their operation as they can and "upgrade" users that think they're "upgrading" with FF.

Not to repeat others here but equivalence is the key. f/2.8 on a crop is roughly f/4 on a FF. You can't always go backwards though; they usually don't make f/8 optics with long reach hence crop has it's merits still.

On the last point.... I'd argue that 31mp can mitigate that with a crop shooting mode... given that the M successor may be stuck at 24mp.

31 MP cropped by 1.6x to match the crop camera will leave you a lot less that 24 MP in the image, so no, it won’t fully mitigate the reach difference.

I didn't think the R crop on adapted ef-s lenses was 1.6x.... I thought is was only an additional slight crop

Sport mode is, I believe, 1.25x crop, but I was referring to cropping a 31MP FF camera to make up for not having a 1.6x crop body. Even so, I believe you have to divide by 1.25^2 which is still only 19 MP at 1.25x.

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