New iPhone X models

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Re: New iPhone X models

Surely those who get the vapors every time Apple announces a new iPhone/Arm processor realize that except for niche cases there is zero as in zilch/nada impact on the actual user for the simple reason that the giant ecosystem of apps has to run adequately on older processors whether or not Apple updates the OS on those machines. The "test" results of new generation Apple processors are indeed impressive but their real world impact far less so.

This is true for iPads as well.

Apple can announce--they have not-- that the upcoming iOS12 will not run on anything older than an iPhone 7, not because it won't but simply to drive sales of new phones. They are doing something similar in OSX by arbitrarily turning off 32 bit program compatibility with the misleading warning that the 32 bit program is not optimized for your OS. Mojave is more aggressive about this than High Sierra.

These new Iphones lack 5g and as such are technically already obsolete as 5g is starting to roll out but will not be nationwide for 4-5 years. So unless your ego depends on owning whatever Apple markets as the latest and greatest objectively the 10 anything iPhone is a seriously lame investment--unless perhaps it is tax deductible for you. If you live in an area where 5g will be available early and you bought one of these you already lost the game.

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