Buying advice needed for Leica X2

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Buying advice needed for Leica X2

Hello folks

I came across a rather enticing blowout-sale deal for a Leica X2 offered for 999$ at a consumer electronics store in my country. Now before I jump on the Leica bandwagon I'd be curious to get some buying advice since I would primarily get this camera because "it's an excellent camera and providing stellar image quality (providing the user uses the correct settings)" and not just because it's a Leica. Since for being budget-conscious 1000$ is still quite a chunk of money which should be well invested.

I owned a Nikon Coolpix A (got it also for an excellent blowout bargain deal) and it was a joy shooting images with it, the simplicity, compact form-factor and no-frills aspect of this camera delivering excellent quality was just up my alley. Sadly, I had to sell it.

Those who own or had experiences with the Leica X2, I was wondering how the image quality in detail is such as:

  • Picture sharpness in general and
  • Sharpness in the corners and near the edge of the image (yes, at this price I would be pixel-peeping)
  • Barrel distortion
  • Vignetting
  • Dynamic range

In comparison, the Nikon Coolpix A barely had any barrel distortion which was amazing and it had excellent sharpness, but quite considerable vignetting which at the end I found had an appealing effect since it gave a unique look to the photos.

Also, what's your experience with low-light photography with the Leica X2? Since users were reporting about bad auto-focus metering in low light environment, however I also do love doing low-light photography (sunset images, nightly street photography or at dusk, indoor shots and landscape-in-full-moon photography (long exposure to get the lightning nicely)).

I found some user-reviews around the time when it came out in 2012 which were generally pretty positive and also some user reviews criticizing some of its quirks.
Fast-forward to 2018 I was wondering if some of the quirks have been addressed via firmware upgrades? Some users were reporting about sluggish auto-focus and the image stabilization having some quirks.
Now I can live very well with a 2.7" display with low pixel count, lack of video features and GPS/Wifi/Bluetooth/you name it however how does it stack up against the prime-lens compact cameras available these days in terms of image quality and metering reliability?

A direct competitor for instance would be the Fujifilm X100F which is also available for around 1000$, has the technical features as to what to expect in 2018 however I was wondering how this camera stacks up against the Leica X2 in terms of image and lens quality?

Two last questions:

  • Does the Leica X2 come with a lens cap? (Maybe a weird question but I couldn't tell when looking through the reviews) The Nikon Coolpix A at least had a shutter mechanism protecting the lens when not in use but the Leica doesn't even seem to have a notch on the lens barrel where a cap could be snapped on - and I surely would want to protect the lens while carrying it in some (camera) bag or even jacket pocket.
  • Does the Leica X2 have some form of weather sealing? Since there's this constant discussion that some (fine) dust and lint may penetrate in the camera and deposit on the sensor over the time also due to the air-suction of expanding the lens upon switch-on.

Thanks for reading up to hear and looking forward to your advices and replies.

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