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Update on Komuras

Not going to excite anyone.

Revisiting the 135/2.8 whether or not it has an Ernostar type lens formula it is a bit soft - but in good light it seems to have a look that is not unappealing.  But I am not minding what I see but it might not suit sharpness fanatics.  In lower light the combination of smaller dof, some natural softness and no stabilisation on my camera is not a good look.

The 200/4.5 is a smart looking compact lens which at 145mm from M4/3 mount adapter flange to the end of its very minimal hood hood makes it a quite compact “400mm” FF Eq fov on a M4/3 body and worth sacrificing 8mm close focus.  I could always use extension tubes for closer work but I could not be bothered as I am not short of other lenses. It seems good enough for my own “good enough” purposes at f8.0 for more distance imaging - I am not a rigorous user of course.

The extension necessary to get its “close focus” of 8 metres is not a lot so the lens retains most of its compact dimensions and the focus movement is only a half turn between extremities.

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