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not a debate. Just a mistake

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Hi all... been thinking way too much about a potential upgrade to my system and would really appreciate some input from the community.

My current kit is Fuji x100F which I’m keeping forever..! Love the camera, love the 35mm fov and love the jpegs that come out of this camera. Perfect for the everyday camera.

I then have the Fuji x-T10 with 18-55mm kit lens and the 23mm f/1.4. I’m now getting ready to upgrade the x-t10. I used to have a Canon 6D which I miss the quality of the RAW files and lens choice.

The current frustrations I have with the x-t10 are the slow autofocus, small form factor (large hands and would prefer a larger body) and I’ve never fully got on with the RAF files in lightroom.

I’m a hobbyist documenting life shooting my kids, family, street and architecture. I’ve got the opportunity to do a few more serious shoots in the future, both helping out some pro photographer friends but also shooting a friends wedding. I’m also keen to explore portrait photography. I see the x100f as the everyday JPEG camera and my upgraded system to be the more serious RAW shooting with lightroom edits.

So what am I thinking about upgrading to..?

I’ve narrowed down a few options:

  1. Stay with Fuji - upgrade to the new X-T3 and add the 56mm f/1.2. Cost circa £2,150.

this is going to be a big improvement over your xt10. Even the xt2 probably would be

  1. Canon 6D Mark II + 16-35mm f/4 + 35mm f/2 + 85mm f/1.8. All this can be bought for £2,400 with recent 6D price drops and the cheap primes.

this would probably be your least expensive option overall. Your only OVF. Handling is a subjective thing for you to decide. The controls on the 6dii are pretty limited compared to the other two. The af system is behind the other two although it may be good enough for your work

This option is only really on my list because of the great files I got out of my old 6D and the super cheap price the 6Dii is now selling for. Oh, and the great f/1.8 primes

This will be your least expensive option. It is also the least immersive camera in your list.

i agree with this

  1. Sony A7iii + 16-35mm f/4 + 85mm f/1.8 + 50mm f/1.8. Price will come in around £2,750 for this lot.

you sure your pricing is right...........

between this camera and the 6dii the a7iii is ahead in almost every objective measure. The 6dii does have the wild card of the fully articulating screen(vs tilt). Do dual cards matter to you?

Typo on the pricing, should be £3,750.

Sounds more like it. Is what it is.

Never shot with dual cards, so don’t know if this is important. Never had a card fail on me yet.

I thought you said somewhere that you were planning on shooting weddings. A card failure(as unlikely as it is) can be a very costly lightning strike. I am not saying you HAVE to have dual cards or not. It is just a feature that a lot of users value

im happy with just tilt screen. I don’t do video


  1. Canon EOS R + the 24–105mm & 35mm f/1.8 R lenses. Pricey..! At £3,700ish.

Your gonna have to keep your eye on this one. there are not a lot of lenses and several measures have yet to really be evaluated.

one for the future maybe

Maybe. The fact you don't do video* is also good for this model. The video is one of the weakest areas. The Fuji has better video .

It is hard to really praise or comdemn this model based on how little is know at this point.

Be great to hear your thoughts on this and provide some guidance towards a potential decision on where to go...

The only big question mark is that you have a range of dissimilar lenses in your comparisons. Maybe standardizing the lens choice will make things stand out. The systems you are considering are also all pricey enough that a rental could be ideal

not sure I agree here. The Sony system lacks a 1.8 35mm option. The R system only has a few lenses, otherwise more or less the options are the same

You listed the Fuji with only the 85 1.8(56 1.2), you put a general zoom on the Canon and you put an UWA angle on the Sony. You put a 35mm on the Canon but a 50 and 85 on the Sony.

All of these things are not like the others.The Fuji only has one lens*. The Sony does NOT have a 35 2. They do have a 28 and see me 35 1.4(4)/2.8(2) all native. if you really want a wider angle than 50 on of those sounds better

* You may have some Fuji lenses that I missed

if you read my opening post you’ll see that I have the 23mm f/1.4 and 18-55mm Fuji kit lens.

Sorry. I just missed it. Not trying to rude. I am a human

Both 6d and a7 I selected the 16-35..?

and obviously you cannot put an UWA on the Canon R. At least not native. Yet. But you didn't price in adding one to the Fuji kit

all looks comparable to me,

it isn't as far off as I thought.

but this is a side point as I can swap in and out lenses as required so no need to debate this.

correct. Wasn't debating anything. I just wanted to be sure everything was like for like. OR as like as possible

Thanks all

so starting with your current kit Sony has an almost exact match for your kit lens. The 28-70 very inexpensive with the camera. This isn't a "bad" lens but given what the Sony sensors are capable of it isn't the best pairing. They have no 35 f2 so either compromise withe 28 or either of the other 35s. Canon doesn't have an exact match (EF) for the zoom but the 24-105 comes in a cheap or more expensive flavor. They have a 35 2. The RF has four lenses.

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