New Apple iPhone Xs photo features impressive...BUT!res

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Re: It's a good thing that the NEW phone will solve all problems.

Jostian wrote:

Dexter75 wrote:

teemodk wrote:

DxOMark is about technology, not pictures.

Right, and the sensor in every iPhone camera the past few years has been at the top of their list after its come out. If you doubt people are getting amazing pictures with iPhones, do a Google search and check it out. Its the most popular camera in the world for a reason.

DxO bases its score on features, OIS, shutter lag, ease of use etc, not the actual IQ of the photos, see below, if you think that is wow IQ great for you. Heavy NR, over-processed looking mush.

the iPhone takes nice enough shots for the screen size. and the camera app is lovely to use, doesn't mean it takes the best quality photos though...

Thanks but I consider those comparisons irrelevant as they are shot at different ISOs and shutter speeds.

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