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What are the two main complaints...

...about the EOS R?

1) No IBIS.

2) One card slot.

Why? Because the A7III offers both for $2000.

People naturally make comparisons. And in the camera gear world we are OCD about comparisons. The price of a camera is the league that it competes in.

If the R were the same price as A73, people would probably excuse those two omissions because it has a larger sensor and other features. But it's not, it costs more. So the natural reaction is: "For that price it ought to include dual card slots and IBIS."

There were rumors that the R was going to launch in the $1800-1900 range. If it had done that, I think people would have been thrilled and easily excused the omission of those two features.

When the 6D2 launched I said that its main problem was that is was a $1200-1400 camera competing in the 2K price space. It now sells in that range. And not coincidentally, it's now getting rave reviews.

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