Anybody using camera harness ?

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Re: Anybody using camera harness ?

kohinoor wrote:

Chris 222 wrote:

Kohinoor, I really like your creative problem-solving!

I do have to say that I'm surprised the entire weight of the cam rests on that TC adapter. I love hiking and sometimes we trip or we find ourselves in rather precarious positions that are anything but vertical.... aren't you concerned that too much side pressure or torque would then be applied to the adapter, not to mention the lens itself?

The adapter is made of 3mm strong aluminium and screws into the camera housing and not into the lens. So it is really rather the opposite: -This strong aluminium barrel perfectly protects the lens which is freely moving inside it.

The knob which holds the cam in the holster is also made of cast alu and nothing to worry about.

If anything it is the cam itself ore the front glass of the TC that could be damaged by branches ore by rocks when one slipps and falls. But such incidents are probably the least likely to be of harm when the cam is central on the chest which we naturally and instictively protect with our arms.

Have a look at some of the Cotton Carrier -vids on YouTube to see how good this can work for sports.


Wow, 3mm... That adapter is built like a tank! Now I see what you mean, thanks for that.

Agreed about the central position being the safest one for the cam. This being said, one thing Peak Design got just about perfect now is their release mechanism which is elegant and super strong. You can grab and release your cam with one hand, and in difficult terrains you can even lock the pin (a simple half turn or so) which means that wherever you cams are on your body (in our case the OP has 2) if you take a fall your have both hands to control the situation and you know for sure that your cam won't slide out which brings great peace of mind.

I'm familiar with Cotton Carrier, they do make good stuff, I have several friends including one pro who use their products all the time.

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