Olympus should make better midrange options..

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Try an E-M10 II......does a great job for $499 with lens

MaciekPruski wrote:

I wonder if producing all these $1500-$2000 bodies is really that great a strategy for Olympus (and Panasonic too..). It might be ok short term because it brings them more money but it also scares people from buying into the format and they are going to loose customers to Sony, Fuji, and now Canon and Nikon also have mirrorless..

The current midrange models from Oly aren't very good. Especially that they "dumb down" these cameras on features like control dials and interface and advertise them as cameras for selfie crowd. The e-pl9 and em10 mk iii both have this problem. I would instantly buy a new Olympus if it was just a compact body, modern sensor and at least two dials and a touchscreen. They can save other features for the flagships like weather sealing, better autofocus, high framerate, bigger battery life etc. But the cheaper options should also have appeal for real photographers.

Currently to have a noticeable upgrade from my e-p3 I would have to drop big dollars on a Pen f. And the competition at this price point is fierce, I could buy a Fuji, a sony a7, a Pentax Kp, sony a6500, a high end Panasonic etc. That are all compact and have great IQ.

Panasonic have more choice there but their most appealing gm line is getting older and older and annoyingly they reserve better jpeg processing for more expensive models

Your thoughts?

I suggest you consider an E-M10 II. Even though I've had the E-M5 II and currently have the Pen F, the E-M10 II is my go to second (backup) body to my E-M1 II. Great little cam with all your boxes checked and not "dumbed down" as put it. Currently on sale or $499 with the 14-42 EZ, which is a super little pancake.


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