Cropping video does not reduce file size?

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Cropping video does not reduce file size?

Onabeach wrote:

I shot some video with my Olympus EM-5 of a stage performance. I wasn't as close as I wanted so most of the video is filled with static scenery with the performance occupying only the center (actually its not centered, so I need to define the offset area to be saved). So I want to "crop" out the surrounding area so the action would fill the display. I can do that with iMovie but it actually zooms in to the crop area without erasing all the extra data outside the crop area, like cropping a photo would do.

I'm not familiar with iMovie, but with most movie editors the output resolution defaults to the same as the input resolution.   I would think that you need to find how to change the settings that control how the movie is exported in order to change the resolution.   "Cropping" alone probably won't do what you're looking for.

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