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Re: Stay with Sony and get Loxia/Batis lenses

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As I'm selling my Sony a7r2 and probably getting a Fuji (though waiting to see all of this month's announcements from Sony/Panasonic), I started pondering about lenses for Fuji.

Why do you want to move at all, if you don't like the Fuji offering? For me, it's all About lenses. If you want to get "The Pop", I would consider the Zeiss primes. Had two Loxia's myself (25 and 35), and they have a really distinctive signature!

I have the L50 and it's great as well. And also a bunch of C/Y Zeiss lenses. Plenty of Zeiss pop to be had. I'm keeping my a7mk1 for the Lox and legacy primes anyway (and because the camera is basically mistreated beyond any resell value).

Move is motivated by being frustrated by Sony going to bigger and heavier direction without giving any other options. And also by the X-T3 being a really sweet offering.

.The 18 mm and 27 mm appear to be the least liked lenses in the Fuji catalogue. And quite expensive, too. Are they really that bad, esp. considering other options at the same price?

The 18 is a very good lens, like it more than I did the Sony 28!

I've used the Sony 28 mm and it's not bad. Nothing stellar, but nice enough bokeh and way worse reputation as a "cheap lens" than it deserves. I'm convinced that the 18 mm Fuji would be to my liking.

If you are looking for a more compact kit than the A7/L, I would go with the 18 (which is better than its reputation) and the other f2‘s, e.g. 35mm f2.

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