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Re: 500 pf samples from me

Tord S Eriksson wrote:

Lance B wrote:

I've had mine for over a week or so, a mistake by Nikon, I've been under an embargo.

What do I think? Stunning lens considering the size and weight. It's quite amazing. Sharp from wide open, there is no need to stop down other than for DOF purposes. AF speed is fast, not 400 f2.8E FL VR fast, but I managed to track Peregrine Falcons with it and get some great shots. If the 400 f2.8 is a 9/10 for AF speed, then the 500 PF is a good 7.5/10, the 200-500 is a 5/10.


Those pictures are stunning, not least the peregrines and the 'roos! Something to hope for, one day, that lens!

Thank you very much, Tord! 

I have less glorious lenses, but the Sigma 150-600 S is a darn fast focuser (I would give it a 9/10), and another fast one is the Sigma 100-400 C, but not a 9/10, more like an 8.

Sharpness is about the same, but the bokeh is nicer with the bigger lens.

At 560mm (the 100-400 with TC) they are very alike, but the 100-400 is slower, and gives up focusing earlier as well. Pixel-peeping show very little difference in sharpness, if the light is enough for TV use.

I have tried the Sigma 150-600 sports and the AF is indeed fast, but not as fast as the 400 f2.8 and with that in mind I would have to alter my AF speed ratings in accordance with yours. If you say the Sigma is 9/10, I would have to say the 400 f2.8 is a 10/10, but in reality, no lens is perfect focusing or that lightning quick, hence why I gave the 400 a 9/10 and I would give the Sigma maybe 7.5-8/10. The 500 PF would be as quick as the Sigma, IMO.

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