Is a Higher End M Body Rumored to be Coming?

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15-45mm and sample variation

davev8 wrote:

apert from the 22mm F2 and the announced 32mm F1.4 the lenses are slow ...but they are all compact and optically very good ...the 11-22 UWA is properly the sharpest APS-c UWA going fact its as sharp or a little sharper than the £2.5K EF11-24 F4L when both are on APS-c the 22F2 is pin sherp wide open as is the 28mmF3.5 macro ..the 18-150 is very good for a super zoom ...the weakest is the 15-45 that seems to have copy verathon ....

Yes, I've read the complaints but I have two good copies of the 15-45 (one came with my M6, the 2nd with my M50).  I've been torture testing them with Topaz A.I. Gigapixel (upsizing to 96 megapixels) and at F/8 they are comparable to my 22f2.  (Again, at F/8.)  But I'm usually happy with them no matter what focal length and aperture.

the M lenses are the ONLY APS-c lenses that have the 3 traits of compact cheap and sharp ..the 11-22 and the 22F2 are the reasons i buy an M

I do know that the secret sauce for the small 15-45 and 55-200 zooms is making them slow.  (This is one real good reason to have the M50--the additional stop of low light AF  (compared to the earlier Ms) makes the 15-45 usable in low light when it is in the f/6.3 range--it isn't on my M6.)  But I knew that going in.  I have larger, faster lenses for when I need them.

I do have a frowny face for sample variation.  I got a G7 X Mk II today from Canon refurb and it looks like it is way too soft on the left side.  I tested it against my new (from eBay) 6 megapixel 300D and used A.I. Gigapixel to upsize them (same scene)  both to 24 megapixels (to compare against M6/M50 native resolution) and the upsized 300D (with 18-55 STM kit lens) is sharper than the 20 megapixel G7 X Mk II.     The G7 X Mk II looked impressive on theDPReview image comparator but even DPReview complained about sample variation on their review copies of the G7 X Mk II.

(A.I. Gigapixel is really good for finding out how good (or bad) your lenses/cameras are.  Upsize to 96 megapixels (or larger).  And maybe downsize again.)


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