Get R now, wait, pass, or switch?

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Re: As a 6D2 owner...

Peak freak wrote:

The more I read and think about it I'm leaning towards a 6D2 rather than a R as an upgrade to my 5D2. No doubt the R is a good entry for Canon into the ML FF world, but next generation will be even better. So waiting for that I'll stick to a DSLR and among them the 6D2 is the latest, smallest and least expensive. I can live without joystick and 1/8000 and I think the sensor is good enough for me. It's better than my 5D2 anyway, and even the 5D3 if I believe DxOMark.

As a 5D2 owner myself, I think the 6D2 could (now, or soon) be a fantastic upgrade option, without having to invest too much.

Absolutely.  I got mine as a refurb for $1280 (upgraded from the 6D) and like it a lot.

Neither the 6D2 or R really suit me, but if the 6D2 could be had for about half that of the EOS R, it would be a very capable bargain.

Yep.  On the other hand, were the R $1899 as a refurb (which is what I'm waiting for), that would be perfect.  However, that won't happen until next fall, most likely, so if you want to upgrade now, the 6D2 is a good way to go.

[The way I see it, getting an 'R' would lock you into a long term investment cycle. Getting a 6D2 would be an upgrade without overly committing to Canon. In the next couple of years we will see which manufacturer suits our individual needs best].

A good way to look at things.

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