My response to, "What does the EOS R tell us about Canon and the RF mount's future?" Locked

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My response to, "What does the EOS R tell us about Canon and the RF mount's future?"

This is a repost of a very long response I made to the recent opinion article:

I believe this is relevant to this community and people interested in the RF system.  So that nobody mistakes DPR for being fair when it comes to its treatment of Canon and Sony.

DtEW wrote:

“The EOS R feels like a 'version 1' product”

I’m pretty sure for all the words padded around it, this is the key judgement the article is trying to push. Which of course allows DPR to do its part to slow the RF-system uptake to allow Sony (and to the lesser extent, Nikon) to maintain their MILC market state for *just* that much longer.

Because, really… where was this judgement during the early days of the Sony E/FE-mount and we early adopters had to deal with a sub-P&S UI that didn’t even allow the bracketing functionality and self-timer to be used together? When the lens catalog was a joke (see the SEL16F28, SEL30M35, and the SEL24F18 they wanted $1000 for)? Where was this insight when the NEX-7 arrived with un-optimized microlenses that never produced purple corners? Where was the finger-wagging when the A7 sensor toppings produced internal reflections that made it worthless for night photography that at all involved point light sources? When the mount suffered from light leakage problems? When the NEX-6 overheated during stills shooting because Sony switched from copper heatsinks to aluminum? When the masked OSPDAF sensels produced green pinstriped reflections on backlit flare-washout shots? When the lens catalog remained a joke (see all the f/4 Zonys that threw the Zeiss-licensed name under the bus, and the SEL35F28Z that they wanted ~$900 for)? When the lossy RAW compression produced artifacts in some circumstances? When the RAW-level spatial filtering eliminated the whole point of the shot (“Star-Eater”)? When the claimed “weather sealing” proved to be nothing whatsoever? When the menu, to this very day… remains an unusable mess?

That’s about 6-7 years for DPR to judge that Sony MILCs remained ‘version 1’ products. I would rather call them public betas that progressive photographers bought into with optimism and naivete at your blessing.

And yet such poison pills were never offered… because such a judgement, as benign as it might sound on the surface… is one of the most effective ways of suppressing sales, to cue people to hold-off and wait for the implied more-sorted-out version of the future. Which of course may never come as those words manifest the gentle, stillborn death of the nascent system. Granted, that would probably have been true for Sony given their long, regular record of abandoning users of their proprietary standards at some serious sag in sales (see Beta, SACD, MiniDisc, Memory Stick, etc; A-mount is on life support), while at the same time it would be reasonable to assume that Canon would stick-with-it until it took (see EF-M). You would assume that the future of the RF-mount can take this sort of tough love, and your uncoated judgement will drive it to reach ever-greater heights.

But let nobody fool themselves: DPR does not judge Canon and Sony products on the same metric. See, this is the full sentence from which the opening quote is excerpted from:

“There are certainly aspects that make the EOS R feels like a 'version 1' product: something we don't usually expect from Canon.”

I guess credit should be given for leaving the unspoken implication that expectations are different for others.

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