Is a Higher End M Body Rumored to be Coming?

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Re: Is a Higher End M Body Rumored to be Coming?

JimDH wrote:

I'm looking to upgrade my T2i body and I'd like to go a mirrorless, and there's a lot I like about the M50, but if I compare it to the DSLR crops, it seems more comparable to a T7 or T7i than it is to a 80D, let alone a 7D. So more current in technology but not an upgrade in category.

Does this make sense? Am I off-the-mark in my assessment of the M50? Admittedly, I've just begun looking at it after a long period of being out of the market.

Your assessment is absolutely correct. As a newer model with a newer processor, the M50 outperforms the M5 in a number of ways. But, as with the Rebel, you don’t get multiple dials for fast, intuitive adjustments.

I also want to upgrade from an old crop DSLR to a smaller mirrorless model. The M50 appears to perform nicely. But I want the M5 dial controls. Also the ability to shoot silently would factor into my decision. The M50 introduces it, but only as its own mode. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So I’m not going to upgrade yet.

Yep, that's exactly what I've been coming to as well.  I'm leaving for Vietnam and Nepal in two weeks and I was hoping to have a new body along with me.  Looks like the T2i will have to be with me for a bit longer.


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