K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

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Re: K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

Alex Sarbu wrote:

phoenix15 wrote:

asahi man wrote:

New Pentax Mount???

What is it for? ?

That's funny

K is the key

Best regards

So you are saying:

If anyone want mirrorless, get other brands.

And you have many choices.

Or you could get a Pentax Q like I did!

I'm already using a Pentax mirrorless!

Take care & Happy Shooting!

Pentax is concentrating on K mount fullframe.

Yes, at least on lenses

APS-C high specs may not be the priority.

Now, I don't see where he said that...

What else ?
The development is slow.

My pet peeve with Ricoh Imaging.

Yes, it is true. So you can only dream, talk and talk of what you wishes in the forum. But you have to accept the Ricoh`s condition. Kenspo the nordic brand ambassador is leaving after 5 years. Yes 5 years ago he received K-3, and since then no major upgrade in AF to make it close to even Canon 7D Mark II.

For the record, Kenspo didn't complain about the AF - he actually said: "The AF is better in challenging condition then people think..So that wasn't an issue.".

On the technical side, his complaints - regarding the K-1 - were the slow fps and buffer clearing rate. The slow buffer clearing rate was the first limitation I noticed on the K-1.

In his "goodbye" message he says: "It is NOT because Pentax is doomed or something like that! It is a total package over whats best for me and my development. This is what I do for a living. There is some minor things that have made me frustrated at times, but let there be no doubt; Pentax make amazing stuff. And they will continue to do so"

If you want unique, different, than Pentax is your way of life.

Right. Pentax is a good choice for many.


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