Fuji X70 or XF 10?

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John Gellings
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Re: My use of the XF10 in the last few weeks

KKJohn wrote:

dmaclau wrote:

I tried the XF10 but it didn't work for me. However I suspect a lot of it is me. Touch screens seem to hold opportunities for photographers, and perhaps do for some. One thing to keep in mind is that you always touch the screen, particularly on a small pocketable camera. Every time I touched the screen it changed things. My focus point would be in one of the corners, my JPG simulation would be changed, I'd be in M focus and so on.

Disabling the touch screen dramatically reduces the function "button" points and thus changes the nature of the camera.

One other thing, was a major concern. I at first believed I was getting a slight bit of motion blur but it turned out that the images were very very soft. This didn't seem to happen all the time surprisingly but it happened often.

I don't know for sure but believe the 18mm lens is different to the X70.

I had high hopes.

I'm looking for a good used GRii that I might try without spending all of my money.

I have both X70 and XF10. The X70 I've had for almost 2 years and have used it as my carry everywhere camera. Has been great for everyday use and street. But have been waiting for the X80 to come out and was hoping the XF10 was that.

X80 is not coming... Sorry, but they will not make two 28mm compacts.

But it is not unfortunately, tho does have some upgraded and useful features. I've been using the XF10 for a few weeks now, and it has good and bad points. I've put away the X70 for the time being as I wanted to concentrate on the XF10. The good points include the snap shot, tho wish there was a 1m distance on it. I'm still trying to get comfortable with it as I've never used a GRii. I assigned it to the Fn button which disables the MF mode which I use a lot. Not too big a problem, once you realize it, as is easy to get out of Snap shot, but just a bit annoying. I'm still not used to the touch screen features and in fact recently have disabled it, tho do use it when I want to get into MF, which works well, better than the XT100 which I tried for a while but didn't like. One problem on the XF10 is that the focus point seems to change down into one corner. This is annoying and have to use the joy stick to get the focus back to the middle.

You can lock the point...

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