Is a Higher End M Body Rumored to be Coming?

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Re: Is a Higher End M Body Rumored to be Coming?

davidgp wrote:

OK, I know that no one knows whether Canon is going to let the "M" line die in favor of the new "R" series.

But, on the assumption that Canon still believes there's a market for cropped sensors, it seems that the M50 body (I believe this is the most recent "M", correct?) is distinctly entry level, and that the M series is crying out for a more capable body to serve as the flagship of the mirrorless crops.

I think those words as "entry level" or "flagship" are worthless. All you need is a camera, which is good for your needs.

Have there been any rumors to that effect?

I'm looking to upgrade my T2i body and I'd like to go a mirrorless, and there's a lot I like about the M50, but if I compare it to the DSLR crops, it seems more comparable to a T7 or T7i than it is to a 80D, let alone a 7D. So more current in technology but not an upgrade in category.

What do you mean? What are you shooting? If you want weather-sealed or "action camera", you cannot find it from M-line today.

Does this make sense? Am I off-the-mark in my assessment of the M50? Admittedly, I've just begun looking at it after a long period of being out of the market.



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