Is a Higher End M Body Rumored to be Coming?

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Re: Is a Higher End M Body Rumored to be Coming?

Blue II wrote:

Adielle wrote:

According to rumors, M5 Mark II should have been announced already, so it may be announced any time now.

Anyone who has any sense knows that Canon has no reason to get rid of the their APS-C line, which has much smaller, lighter and cheaper cameras and lenses than their new full-frame line. This whole nonsense has been going on for years and especially the past year with crazy speculations about the new full-frame line replacing the APS-C line, as if that would have made any sense. It was obvious that that would be impossible then, but even now that it's out, people still refuse to see the obvious. I guess there's no hope that common sense would become common.

The problem is there no upgrade path from the M series to the R series like there was with DSLR's. You have to start over if you upgrade which first benefit Canon because there's nothing to hold M owners to Canon at that point .

I expect to see APS-C R cameras at some point. This would provide the same upgrade path that Canon users now have with DSLR's. Once (if) that happens, then where will that leave the M system?

And I don't expect to see them because the cost differential between full frame sensors and crop is narrowing constantly, so there's not the same economic drive to 'make a cheap RF mount camera' by putting in an APS-C sensor as there was years ago when the crop DSLRs came out. At that time the crop sensor made the camera affordable.

If they did release an APS-C RF mount camera you'd have to use it with the FF RF mount lenses which are costly and heavy and will always be larger because they need to make a full frame light circle. So you lose much of the weight, compactness and cost advantages of M.

So, then the next logical idea is you make RF-S crop lenses. Now you have something which might be nearly as small and light as the M, but not quite because the M mount is an ideal size for mirrorless crop lenses and the RF mount is the ideal size for mirrorless FF lenses but a bit wastefully large for crop, but they would be close. So Canon would have to re-engineer a line of lenses they've already made, on a mount which isn't as ideal as they one they already have.

And .. if Canon did all that it's still not really an upgrade path to FF RF. Yes a photographer could buy a FF body and still use the RF-S lenses shooting crop, but that's a pretty useless solution. So anyone 'upgrading' would still have to buy a whole bag of new FF lenses anyway. Yes they could space out the purchase a bit, that's a slight plus, but they'd still end up with all their old RF-S lenses in a bag, or on ebay, just like someone moving from M to R would have to do.

So I don't really see it. Canon has a mirrorless crop system already and I see them continuing to sell it, and very, very slowly grow it, for as long as mirrorless crop is a product the market wants to buy.

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