Is a Higher End M Body Rumored to be Coming?

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Re: What do you find lacking with your T2i?

Wayne Larmon wrote:

davidgp wrote:

OK, I know that no one knows whether Canon is going to let the "M" line die in favor of the new "R" series.

But, on the assumption that Canon still believes there's a market for cropped sensors, it seems that the M50 body (I believe this is the most recent "M", correct?) is distinctly entry level, and that the M series is crying out for a more capable body to serve as the flagship of the mirrorless crops.

Have there been any rumors to that effect?

I'm looking to upgrade my T2i body and I'd like to go a mirrorless, and there's a lot I like about the M50, but if I compare it to the DSLR crops, it seems more comparable to a T7 or T7i than it is to a 80D, let alone a 7D. So more current in technology but not an upgrade in category.

Does this make sense? Am I off-the-mark in my assessment of the M50? Admittedly, I've just begun looking at it after a long period of being out of the market.

You are asking a complex question because we don't know what your priorities are.

What do you find lacking with your T2i? I have way more Canon bodies than I need (T2i, 60D, 6D, EOS-M, M6, and M50. And a new-to-me $30 300D I received today from an eBay sale. (This last is because I am testing Topaz A.I. Gigapixel and I'm testing AIG against all the different megapixel cameras I can.))

When all I had was my 60D and T2i, when traveling I usually used the T2i as my primary camera because it was smaller and lighter than my 60D. When traveling I didn't use any of the 60D features that the T2i lacked. When I was camera scanning 35 mm negatives at home I used the 60D because I needed all of its features for camera scanning (and for copy stand work.)

I got into the Ms because I prize smallness when traveling. When I had the single original EOS-M, I traveled with my 6D (primary camera) and had either a tele or an ultra-wide on the M. But after a while I decided that I'd rather travel with just Ms. I added the M6 with optional viewfinder.

But then I found that I wanted the EVF on all the time, but that made it larger. So I got the M50 because it had a smaller EVF. And the back LCD was more articulated. I like the articulated back LCD. I was going to eBay the M6 but now I like traveling with three M bodies. They are small.

All of them are good bodies. I'm not getting rid of any of them because they are all good for different shooting circumstances. (I'm not going to get into my collection of different Powershots--they have similar rationales. Also my Pixel 2.)

So what are your needs? Do you need all of the features of an 80D? Knowing that it is larger and heavier than your T2i? (One gain is that the the newer 24 megapixel bodies give a good extra stop of dynamic range at base ISO. This is one good reason for upgrading to any of the bodies that have a 24 megapixel sensor.) But most of the time your T2i probably has enough resolution and dynamic range. The new bodies haven't improved that much. (My new 300D is definitely outmoded though. Not in megapixels, but in dynamic range. When I pulled shadows and highlights in ACR like I do now I got cross hatching like I couldn't believe.)

And are you happy with APS-C? Are you tempted to the world of FF bodies and "L" lenses?

What do you need?


Good points, Wayne!

To the original poster,

What do you need? If you need something right now, go and get it as long as your finance allows. If not you will be okay with your camera.

Need Canon mirrorless? EOS R for full frame, but expensive and you will add additional expensive fullframe optics as well. Compact EOS M50,5,6,100 are available for apsc, but their image quality is not different substantialy from yours. Need better mechanics? 80d and 7d mk2 may be your choice among apsc cameras. Rumors are rumors. You would better go for your current need.

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