using the orange "cap" on the Canon 430 ex iii rt

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using the orange "cap" on the Canon 430 ex iii rt

Forgive me,, I will most likely post this in multiple forums.

I'm using the Canon 7D2 or 6D2 with the Canon 430 ex iii rt.

I want to avoid that "orange" look that often happens in venues with the tungsten light.

You know what I mean!! The flash lights your subject, but in the background,, you see the "orangy" look from the tungsten lights. (Yes,, I know this is color temperature)

So, I want to use the orange filter that comes with the flash.

(I'm not shooting a wedding, but it's a venue something along that line,, ,(i.e. - people in a ballroom type setting)).

In using the 430 ex iii rt,, would you then put your camera setting on tungsten or leave it on "Auto balance"????

Normally, you'd then put the camera on tungsten with a correction gel,, (that's my understanding). Correct me if I'm wrong!!!

But,, according to the manual for the 430 ex iii rt,, it seems you're to leave the camera on "AWB"

Looking forward to your feedback,,,, as I'm not 100% what the manual is saying.

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