23mm 1.4f v 2.0f

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Re: 23mm 1.4f v 2.0f

technotic wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

technotic wrote:

It came across as passive aggressive to me and I responded with a little sarcasm. Then you responded with

"And just look at the wealth of info that post garnered."

Further implying you thought this a worthless post and one nobody should stoop to respond to. You then went further with

"use the references provided or wait for others to notice the topic and respond"

Wow I really have to know my place and speak when I'm spoken to don't I?

That was a response to a snot-nosed buttinsky. I'm done here. If you have any further questions, I suggest you ask your parents.

Your childish response is a fitting end to this exchange.

You guys ought to just whip them out and measure already and get it over with. Although, I think a thread about the 60mm macro might be better suited for you gents!

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