6D vs 5Div vs 5Ds R sharpness?

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Re: Sharpness or Resolution?

maiaibing wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

dgumshu wrote:

Well, that information is directly from Canon. You can choose to believe or interpret as you’d like.

Did you even read what I wrote?

I said that it is true that a higher pixel density can reveal camera motion more clearly. In fact, if I am ever tasked with guessing if an image had a motion blur, I would hope that it was taken with as high a pixel density as possible.

However, I spent the bulk of my long post talking about why that fact is completely irrelevant, and you did not address that at all.

dgumshu is not worth spending more time on, because he is so convinced of the false notion that has embedded itself in his mindset, that not amount of carefully written explanations will change his misconceptions.

Well, this "false notion" comes directly from Canon, not me.  Sheehy above apparently agrees with it too... which is his prerogative.

Perhaps you miss-read this carefully written explanation.  Read it again... You can chose to believe as you'd like.   I tend to give a manufacturer's explanations a bit more credence than those on forums with opinions.

However, kudos to your patience - I’m left dismayed and exhausted by the ignorance displayed.

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