6D vs 5Div vs 5Ds R sharpness?

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Re: Sharpness or Resolution?

John Sheehy wrote:

dgumshu wrote:

It’s about:

“High-resolution brings with it several possible visual landmines, in addition to its fantastic detail in large output:

  • The slightest amount of camera shake or vibration becomes markedly more visible.”

Due to the higher resolution. Pretty simple. Not necessarily that there is more blur, just that it’s more visible as stated... “Markedly More.” Right from the horses mouth.

It's not true for the "image" as used interchangeably with other images, for the same display size. Directional blur is more easily identified and labelled as such with higher pixel density combined with higher viewing magnification, but the fact that it is more clearly identified does not make the image worse. The lower pixel densities, which inhibit clear identification of motion blur more, do more visual damage to the image. People normally don't notice this pixelation damage because they magnify the images less for inspection of results when the pixel density is low, normalizing the pixelation damage for all inspected images. Pixels kill detail; the bigger they are, the more they kill, even though they look well-dressed and sharp at 100%.

Nobody has ever done a test or simulation that shows that revealing motion blur through pixel density is visually destructive to the image. You can demonstrate what I am saying with a software pixelation tool. No image that is displaying obvious motion blur at 100% improves by pixelating it 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, etc. The image ALWAYS gets worse, as you hide the motion blur more with heavier pixelation. A person with poor judgement would look at the results of 2x2 binned to 50%, 3x3 at 33.33%, etc so that every tile becomes a pixel at 100%, and declare "improvements" in "IQ", when they are just turning the image into a lower resolution, and magnifying it less, normalizing the pixelation damage. "Wow that's sharp!!!!". Yes, sharp Tetris pieces.

The idea that "revealing flaws" is a problem is a philosophical, word-based idea that has no grounding in the reality of an image as something normalized to a certain size for all images. If you want to crop the 5Ds(r) heavier, or display the image in a larger poster, then there are no new rules or surprises here. 1/fl type rules are only meant for normalized image viewing, and are quite liberal for what a heavy crop or large poster would require. Real shutter speed needs depend on sensor area to display area magnification, and focal length (and other stability considerations, of course).

Well, that information is directly from Canon.  You can choose to believe or interpret  as you’d like.

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