Fujifilm XF 60mm F2.4 R Macro as a general purpose 90mm-equiv. lens ?

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Re: Fujifilm XF 60mm F2.4 R Macro as a general purpose 90mm-equiv. lens ?

Rod McD wrote:


I think it's a very good all-rounder. It's sharp at all distances, not just macro. The optics are excellent, in a small light and highly portable package. The bokeh is very smooth and lends it well to doubling as a portrait lens. And you get close-focusing to 1:2 when you need it.

It has a few foibles, but IMO they're not really a significant difficulty. Firstly, the AF is first gen and slower than the current round of lenses. If it doesn't lock in reducing light - and every lens has a limit - it will hunt. And if it hunts, it hunts a long way because it was designed with a long focus throw for close focusing. I find the actual AF speed fine for my needs in any reasonable light, but I'm conscious of its limitations in low light. It should have had a limiter.

The other issue is the filter thread implementation. The face of the lens and thread are recessed in the 'off' position. The filter thread is a fiddly 39mm, and these aren't always available. And not every filter type is made in 39mm anyway. The solution is a step-up ring left in place and a new larger cap. However, you can't simply screw the ring into the thread and leave it there. When the camera is turned off, the moving part retracts and the rear of the ring hits the recessed lens face and you get a "lens error". The solution people here use is to get an old 39mm filter, smash the glass out and use it as a spacer ring between the lens and ring. It works well. A 39-52 ring and 52mm cap look aesthetically 'right' and allows you to use easy-to-find filters and accessories.

I always take mine with me - no hesitation in recommending it.

Regards, Rod

Rod, I think they should replace it with a modern 70mm, a small one.

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