Fuji X70 or XF 10?

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Re: Fuji X70 or XF 10?

I've found myself in the same boat, as I have an RX100 M3 that I just don't like. Nothing against it technically; it takes fine photos, it just doesn't encourage me to want to use it. I've loved Fujis from the first moment I clapped eyes on my X-E1 so I thought about the 2 Fuji options and considered what I've liked about the X series cameras I've had: X10, X-E1, X-E2, X100 (original). The main thing I love about these cameras is all the controls that you have to hand. If I want to check what aperture I'm using, it's right there on the ring. Shutter speed? check! Exposure compensation? Check! My problem with the XF10 is that it doesn't have all of this and that ruled it out for me. I like to see what I'm doing at a glance, especially if I'm trying to be quick and the X70 allows me to shoot confidently, knowing everything is as I've set it. It also feels like a 'real camera' - I've not felt the XF10, but it doesn't look like it would necessarily give you that feeling.

In my short time with it, the X70 has been an absolute joy and a reason to go out with the camera, rather than simply wanting a camera to hand. I feel I've been more creative that I would have otherwise been. The 28mm equivalent FOV allows you to do some interesting things - much more so than 35mm or 50mm. You have to be right in the middle of the action to fill the frame and that energy comes off in the photos!

I'm replacing my X-E2 with an X-T2 shortly too (cheap) so I'll be a very happy photographer!

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