23mm 1.4f v 2.0f

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Re: 23mm 1.4f v 2.0f

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i was was just wondering if anyone had info on the difference between these two in terms of IQ, sharpness and focus speed?

Personally, I don't see much advantage of the 1.4 over the 2.0. I bought the 2.0 for a family member and have used it and I own the 1.4 as well. Without question, the 2.0 produces great sharp images and is more contrasty and I like it's color rendering. Not that the 1.4 is a bad lens - both test out highly.

And there is very little advantage of 1.4 aperture in this focal length and frankly, it's a bit soft at 1.4-2.8 anyhow. IE, unlike the 16mm 1.4 that allows fairly close focus and a pronounced bokeh effect, the 23mm 1.4 isn't giving all that pronounced of a bokeh.

If I had it to do all over again, instead of owning 35 2.0 / 23 1.4, I would do it the other way around - 23 2.0 / 35 1.4. Much more pronounced blur with the 35 1.4.

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