G9 - iso200 - magenta cast

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Re: G9 - iso200 - magenta cast

Rail2trail wrote:

I’ve read that issue is a limited adobe. Have you tried using another raw converter?


Meg4mi wrote:

Hi everyone,

I know this issue as already been mentioned many times, but after extended time searching for answers on this forum. I didn't succeed.

As you may know, the issue is not present if you shoot at iso 100 (btw minimum auto iso is 200).

I'd like to know if some have found a simple way to get rid of this magenta cats when you push shadows up..

I'ce tried different raw editor(lr, dxo) they both show the issue.

BTW do you think panasonic knows the issue and could do something about it?



As I've said in the first post, I've tried lightroom and dxo photo lab, both show the issue. Not Adobe related.

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