23mm 1.4f v 2.0f

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Re: 23mm 1.4f v 2.0f

Sw77 wrote:


i was was just wondering if anyone had info on the difference between these two in terms of IQ, sharpness and focus speed?

You wont go wrong with either.

Color rendition wise, I Iike the f/1.4 lens more ( same as the 35mm lenses). The color it produces is closer to Zeiss, which is the best looking color to me. Tonal transition is smoother and micro-contrast seems better, and those make the images more POP and have a little more 3D feel. Also Bokeh of the 1.4 is just amazing and better.

However, I chose to I own the f.2.0. A few main reasons I like this lens more are that fast and accurate silent AF, WR, lighter/small, and price.

The f2.0 produces more contrasy and puchy color. A different character comparing to the 1.4 lens.

For street pictures, I have to say the 2.0 is an xcellent choice. However, I feel that pictures from the 2.0 is a little less POP comparing to the 1.4 lens. Bokeh from the 2.0 is very good, but somewhat busier than that from 1.4. For what I use it for (walkaround, casual pictures, street), I have no complain tho. This lens sticks on my camera body more than any other lenses I own except during travel, when I usually rely on my 16-55 80-90% of time.

Anyway, both 23mm versions are great lenses. You will be happy with both. I guess the best way is to try them both so you can determine which one is a better fit to your use and style.

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