WHY are photographers RESISTANT to CHANGE ???

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WHY are photographers RESISTANT to CHANGE ???

WHY are photographers so RESISTANT to CHANGE ???

Most people like the newest auto technology, etc.

Most like the latest cell-phones, etc.

But why have photographers ALWAYS been so resistant to new-technology and change ???

Most used to use Hand-Held "INCIDENT" meters and didn't like (accept) in-camera, (because "reflected").

They resisted when the (originally "manual') in-camera meters auto-coupled, (auto-exposure).

Some never left "RangeFinder's".

Professionals preferred "leaf" shutters.

They resisted auto-focus.

And then resisted "digital", (Film Will Never Die).

Now they refuse to accept that ML/EVF will ever be acceptable.

NOTE that there is nothing wrong with insisting they be "equal" to the old before accepting ... but many photographers seem to be so pessimistic and insist/brag that they will indeed "NEVER ACCEPT".

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