Nikon 600mm f4 ED IF AiS 'New' design ser #20xxxx

Started Sep 14, 2015 | Questions thread
Joey Hagedorn New Member • Posts: 5
Re: Nikon 600mm f4 ED IF AiS 'New' design ser #20xxxx

I managed to find exactly the right screws from a manufacturer (Saima Corp) in Japan. I ordered about 996 more than I needed, so perhaps I'll try to sell some on eBay—but I've got plenty in case anybody around here needs a couple of M2x5.0 JCIS Trilobular Type-B thread forming thread, Type 1 head shape (flat, countersunk) black color screws…

Just hoping to get some measurements now so I can 3D print those tabs!

The new ones are almost identical, except for being about 0.5mm shorter than the originals, which should not be a problem.

Certainly more than I need…

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