23mm 1.4f v 2.0f

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Re: 23mm 1.4f v 2.0f

El Jeffe wrote:

The f/2 focus is very fast and quiet. This is the main reason for my purchase even though it makes the X100s redundant.

Smaller lens, less weight, weather resistant, and lower price tag. What's not to love?

I guess the f/1.4 can give you more blur, but a lens of this focal length is often used for the style of photography that requires greater depth of field.

I agree, I think a 35mm equivalent view is not an ideal big bokeh length anyway, so might as well go with the faster focusing, smaller, lighter and water resistant f2.  There is also a not insignificant price difference which you would probably be better off putting toward a fast lens like the 56mm 1.2 or 90mm f2.

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