6D vs 5Div vs 5Ds R sharpness?

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Re: Sharpness or Resolution?

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This is true. However I found that my 5DSR pictures suffered camera shake a little more often than I would like.

? 5DS/R never has more camera shake than the 5DIV - indeed if anything there is less camera shake than any other Canon DSLR because you can set it to shoot with less mirror slap.

I haven't had any issues with either body. However, it's common knowledge that blur is more obvious on the 5DSR images due to shake and that information can be found just about anywhere on the internet from reputable reviews (Dustin Abbott, Digital Picture, etc.). In fact, Canon redesigned the Mirror mechanism on this body to reduce this issue.

Also, directly from Rudy Winston at Canon. You can read about it here:


Just more blah adding to the urban legend.

No review by anyone can change the laws of optics which clearly and definitively refute the presence of more blur as you add pixels to your camera sensor. Full stop. You can however have a lot more sharpness with a steady shot when you have more pixels and also with less camera mirror slap if your camera is designed for this as is the 5DS/R - but that’s another story. And this is what the Canon article is all about.

It’s about:

“High-resolution brings with it several possible visual landmines, in addition to its fantastic detail in large output:

  • The slightest amount of camera shake or vibration becomes markedly more visible.”

Due to the higher resolution. Pretty simple. Not necessarily that there is more blur, just that it’s more visible as stated... “Markedly More.” Right from the horses mouth.

I do give Dustin Abbot some credit for correcting his mistake in an otherwise very sub-standard review after I pointed this elementary mistake out to him.

Perhaps you should contact Canon too.  I’m sure they’d love to hear from you

More than what I can say about the scandalous inept 5DS/R review here are dpr - part of which they promised to correct - but never did (or at least not so far after several years, so not holding my breath).

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