Resurrecting My Photography--Lenses and Software Advice

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Re: Resurrecting My Photography--Lenses and Software Advice

I am returning after many years absence (although I have browsed through fairly regularly and learned a lot) and noticed this thread and thought I have some relevant experience on conversion software I could share.

I too used NX2 but had to find something else when I purchased the D500, I didn't want to apply the hack that was going around a couple of years ago.

What I settled on was using the free Nikon View NX-i and Capture NX-D combination for transferring my photos, initial review and culling, and then performing the raw conversion. (right click on your selected photo in View NX-i to start NX-D using the "open with" menu choice).

Just like NX2, NX-D opens the NEF file ( assuming you will be shooting raw) and applies the camera settings so what you see at first is what you shot. If you like what you see right click and select "convert Files...." and you can save to a Jpeg or Tiff through the dialog box.

You can use NX-D to perform basic adjustments or if you so wish you can set up an "open with application" in "edit preferences" so that on a right click, and selection of "open with" from the menu, your editing software of choice will open up with a TIFF file that NX-D has created with the camera setting, and with any adjustments applied, as the starting point for editing.

You can set up several preferences  that can include NX2 if you wish. Since you will be editing a TIFF file the adjustments are baked in unless your editing software will save it "non-destructively" (in a psd file for example). Using NX2 at this stage you are left with just the finished product that you have saved.

I did not like NX-D at first , I purchased a larger monitor that made things much easier to select menu items, now I quite like it and find this workflow fairly seamless from card reader to finished product. (I do not use NX2 at all now, I ended up purchasing Affinity Photo  that I launch out of NX-D,  and use the NIK plugins).

Hope this helps and good luck finding a solution that works for you.


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