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Ok, please help a technology illiterate. What is the difference between a global shutter and an organic sensor? Also what features would this/either provide that the EM-1 2 doesn't already provide? I am pretty sure the new Olympus camera will have the new Sony sensor, but I am unsure what advantages it would bring?

A Global shutter sensor is a sensor that scans the entire area of the image simultaneously. It gets rid of the "rolling shutter effect ". It's great for video.

The downsides of "CMOS global shutter sensors" compared to traditional "CMOS rolling shutter sensors" is that they have less DR, more noise and generate more heat.

Global shutter sensors (low resolutions) are already equipping video cameras for a while. The Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K had a global shutter, but they discontinued it (probalby because video is in the pursuit of more DR too for editing).

An "Organic sensor" is a sensor that use an "organic photosensitive film that sits atop CMOS circuitry", according to this DPR article . It seems that its main advantages is to overcome the problem of CMOS global shutter sensor, so it permits more DR, better low light and less heat.

In short, we could have excellent stills and video at the same time. What is not sure is how much will it be better for stills?

Besides, here's a bobn2 (an expert) answer to one of my posts, which that seems to cancel the probability of an organic sensor in the next Olympus model :

Thanks for all the answers, especially those who stayed on topic.  I am unsure if the next generation of Olympus flagship would offer any advantage to me.  I never shoot video, or flash.  It seems like for now that I have everything I need for my photography in the E-M1 2.

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