K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

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Re: K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

Anders_Nilsson wrote:

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johnami wrote:

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asahi man wrote:

Currently nearly all the development power is going into K fullframe SLR.

Body and lens development,very interesting and in 2 classes.

But, SLR!!

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Translation: anybody hoping for a K-3 II successor, don't, you got your KP, that should be enough for you. No more "flagship" APS-C body, we are going all FF.

'Nearly all'.........................isn't all...................So a KP2 is a possibility perhaps.

Another take: when Ricoh said "KP is not a K-3 II replacement", they left out a second part of the sentence "there is not, nor it will be, the K-3 line replacement, we are moving in a different direction".

So, the KP II perhaps, but no more PLM lenses, or limiteds, or DA 16-50 or 50-135 line updates, they are all shelved and not a priority.

I guess I was lucky to buy in June a near mint looking K-3 with only 10500 actuations (unless a service center has reset the shuttercount EXIF value). For sure I will never buy Pentax FF. My a99i is all FF I need, as are my Minolta lenses. I was actually going to buy a Nikon D300s instead of the K-3 but after holding the beast with a lens mounted I quickly picked up a K-3 instead and bought it. So far I don't regret that decision.

My beef with MILC FF is the price level. 2-3 grand for a body and then lenses on top of that which are ludicrously overpriced. I will never ever pay Sony FE prices no matter what the performance.

Unfortunately, if you are not willing to pay at least 2 grand for a body, you are also not a most desirable Ricoh customer. The days of high value K-5/K-3 lines are over.

Sony has avoided upgrading their APS-C line in both A and F mount, lets see how long that works. Ripping the innards from Sony a6500 would have gone a long way to at least avoid Pentax losing face with a K-3iii. I consider this MILC FF thing a hyped fad which will eventually level out. Not that it will go away but people are eventually going to calm down and start looking at APS-C again.

Maybe, but then it will be MILC APS-C, D-500/EOS 7D II flagships, or entry level DSLR stuff. Midrange APS-C bodies (like K-3) will disappear.

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