Upgrading from X-E2 - Where to go? Damn X-T3 announcement!

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Upgrading from X-E2 - Where to go? Damn X-T3 announcement!

Hi all,

for some years, I have been using the X-E2 and am generally very happy with it.
For better grip and tripod usage, I've been using it with the Fuji grip (MHG-XE).
My lenses are XF 14/2.8, XF 23/2.0 WR and XF 50/2.0 WR. I am mostly shooting landscape (lots of hiking), travel and occasionally candids and street. I've come to appreciate that my total weight for my minimum kit (camera, grip, lenses, battery and memory card) is just over 1 kg.

Despite my enjoyment of the X-E2, I have been considering an upgrade and, for the longest time, the X-E3 (+ MHG-XE3) seemed the logical upgrade path:

  • Newer 24 MPix sensor
  • Newer 325 point AF module of X-T2 and X-T20
  • Improved AF algorythm
  • Added AF point selection/menu navigation joystick
  • Added control dial on the back
  • Auto Switch for when quickly handing the camera to someone unfamiliar with enthusiast cameras

I don't mind the removal of the integrated flash (don't use it), the replacement of the D-Pad with the joystick/touch functionality (prefer the joystick, only ever used the D Pad for AF point selection anyway).

Now, with the X-T3 release, drop of introduction price and overall praise of the new camera, some doubt has been infused in my mind, whether I should consider upgrading to the X-T3 instead.


  • Latest 26 MPix BSI sensor
  • Latest 425 AF point module and better AF frame coverage
  • Improved Face/Eye detect AF
  • Larger, higher resolution viewfinder
  • Two-axis tilting touchscreen
  • Weather resistant sealing
  • EVF and LCD modes (large indicator, night time mode)
  • Separate remote release connector door


  • More physical controls - I usually use SS on a command dial (T on SS dial) and would likely bind ISO to a function key. I don't change drive modes often. The only dial I see myself using more instead of the Q menu is the metering selector.
  • Higher burst rates, I usually use single shot and AF-S
  • Dual card slot, nice-to-have but no must for my casual photography
  • New video capabilities great, but I don't record videos
  • Faster flash sync shutter speed, I don't use flash
  • USB-C connection and wired charging


  • EVF in SLR-style viewfinder bump rather than left side EVF placement
  • ~600 EUR/60% higher price for X-T3 than X-E3
  • ~200 gr/20% higher total gear weight compared to X-E3 (1275 gr w/ lenses vs. 1065 gr)
  • Overall larger camera body; 12mm wider, 19mm higher, 16mm deeper w/o grips
  • Non-battery grip (MHG-XT3?) currently unannounced/unreleased


Am I just blinded by the shiny X-T3 release and GAS for it?
Considering my left side EVF preference and appreciation of a light and small camera for hiking, should I curb my GAS for a heavier, larger camera with a centrally placed EVF?
A camera that costs me 60% more than the X-E3?
Should I squeeze another year or two out of my X-E2 (now 4 years old :-|) in hopes of an X-E4 announcement in 2019/20?
Or should I just stop obsessing over GAS already, pull the trigger on the X-E3 and enjoy it?

Appreciate your thoughts!

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BUY: Fuji X-E3 + MHG-XE3
37.5% 12  votes
BUY: Fuji X-T3 + non-battery grip (MHG-XT3?)
34.4% 11  votes
WAIT: Fuji X-E4 + grip, KEEP: Fuji X-E2 + MHG-XE
28.1% 9  votes
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