K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

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Re: K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

Mark Ransom wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

asahi man wrote:

New Pentax Mount???

What is it for? ?

That's funny

K is the key

Best regards

The idea is to keep K-mount as the main mount. Most lenses will still be K-mount.

But - a short registration distance MILC camera has its charm. So - making such a thing and an adapter for K-mount is the idea. Not in order to change to MILC per se, as most lenses still will be K-mount, but in order to make it possible to make modern lenses for that MILC.

So, Asahi Man, what is your option?

1. No MILC at all?
2. Some few MILC with K-mount?
3. A serious engagement in MILC K-mount cameras?
4. A switch to MILC K-mount cameras?

I think what he's trying to tell you, in his usual cryptic way, is that Pentax isn't planning anything other than K-mount cameras at the moment.

A (hypothetical) new-mount mirrorless camera with a K-mount adapter fitted would be equivalent to a K-mount camera. It should be thought of in that way.

And it would be significantly lighter than (say) the K-1-series.

They said as much in one of their most recent interviews.

That statement was made before the recent Canon and Nikon releases.

I believe Ricoh will re-visit some of their analysis.
They may stay with their earlier decisions. or change them. Who knows?

Given that they appear to be resource constrained, this is probably the best option for them now. Even if people would wish otherwise.

If the trend towards high-end mirrorless cameras accelerates, (which it now almost certainly will), their revenues may reduce even further and faster.

They may find themselves with a choice between releasing a new-mount mirrorless camera plus adapter, or having their market greatly diminish year by year until they run out of enough resources to do any significant K-mount development.

The climate and market has changed since they made the decisions they based those statements on.

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