K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

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Re: K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

TacticDesigns wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Barry Pearson wrote:

My main desire in this whole topic is that new Pentax cameras will support my large investment in high quality K-mount lenses. Both the ones I have now, and those I will buy in future.

Check! Same here.

I assume Pentax is considering this.

And my secondary desire is that Pentax continues to develop and release K-mount lenses, wherever the K-mount is a sensible choice. Whatever (hypothetical) new-mount cameras are released, I hope that the lenses on the current roadmap are released with K-mount.

Otherwise, lots of Pentax users will be alienated. I too have an investment in K-mount SLRs, of course!

(Although I can see that there is an argument that the "Large Aperture Wide-Angle Single-Focus" star-lens might have better image quality on a short-registration camera).

We are going around in circles. But sometimes this is needed to really get the best understanding of the problem. So - what you are proposin g is

1. Lenses that can be K-mount without problem shall continue to be K-mount. Only the lenses, where it is very beneficial should be made in the new short registration mount.

2. A very good converter for K-mount lenses on the short registration mount needs to be made. One that works comfortable with (almost) all K-mount lenses. Actually, as it is only one and not one per camera, you could even imagine getting the aperture coupling back. Not necessary, but would be a fine gesture, and strong motivator for people to get the Pentax MILC.

3. Continue to make both K-mount and MILC cameras.

This, I see as making sense.

1. Either Mirrorless is the future or it is not. If you make both, you are prepared no matter what the future holds.


Mirrorless almost certainly is the future.

But at different times for different manufacturers and for different people.

But more so than that. There are people that want to buy a dSLR an others that want a MILC.

Just because a dSLR / existing owner does not want a MILC does not mean it does not make sense to make a MILC.


If a MILC camera can bring in a new customer, then that is a bigger customer base. A different target market.


A risk is that concentrating on one narrow option, (SLRs, for example), will simply appeal to an ever-decreasing customer base. When that is gone, the brand has gone.

It could also give reason for an existing dSLR owner to buy two Pentax bodies of the same generation, since the two cameras could be complimentary.


That is precisely what I want.

Heck, if my crazy idea for an adapter to bring back some funtionality to m42 auto lenses and Pentax-M lenses works . . .


Run your Pentax-A and newer lenses on a dSLR and your Pentax-M and m42 auto lenses on the Pentax MILC with the crazy adapter! LOL.


Make both.

If sales in one category drops off, reduce effort in that category.

Makes sense. And I have an idea of which category will drop off over the next (say) 5 years.

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