Sony for sports?

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Re: Sony for sports?

bdmm wrote:

Thanks for all the advise all. I definitely shoot fast moving subjects coming toward me, and in low light (pool skateboarding at night).

I do like to use flash, but don't always want to set up my kit. The mechanical shutter FPS on the A9 is what turned me away from it in the first place.

do you currently have a flash system that will keep up at more than 5fps? that sort of capability gets pretty expensive.

are you using the af-assist light on the flash? you generally can't do that with milc, it has af-assist on the body, but it can be blocked somewhat with a big lens.

I just shot a pro-am skateboard tournament with the a9, but it wasn't in a pool, and it wasn't at night... the af had no problem keeping up, at 15fps, here is an ooc jpeg sequence:

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