K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

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Re: K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

I'm not sure I get this. Are you talking about building the lenses so they'll be usable with future cameras? (as opposed to building cameras so they'll be usable with older lenses).

It is not really important, but there are two ways of thinking.

1. Short sighted - you plan what lenses and cameras to do in the nearest span and then you plan for eventual backward compatibility for coming products. In this case you plan for how to make cameras so they are backward compatible with existing lenses, or not.

2. Long term - you plan your long term strategy and then you plan how to do the lenses now so they are going to be forward compatible with any kind of coming cameras you can imagine.

So, you do backward compatibility short term plans and forward compatibility long term plans.


I'm thinking backward compatibility as a 'must' rather than short sighted, but it does indeed becomes short sighted if it's not accompanied by forward compatibility planning.

Fortunately, Pentax builds their lenses for the future.

I don't expect any other evolution of the K-mount, after KAF4.

It is to early to have an opinion on that yet IMHO.

Maybe. But I don't see what more would be needed - talking about general features, not details (e.g. in-lens motor instead of - say - dual PLM motors).

Not impossible. It only means no performance tweaks (unchanged protocols), no electronic aperture control, no in-lens AF motors, aperture rings on all lenses - depending on how far do you want to go. It only means making FA lenses instead of D FA*s.

Basically, it only means Pentax stays in the stone age

(And I guess I just proved your point)

ha ha ... you just had to try to shoot down my argument

Wait, what? Wasn't I agreeing with, and reinforcing your point?

Yes, you failed

BTW - don't take that too serious. It was a try at joking.

BTW BTW - I am sitting up late to wait for the Swedish election results - so I am a bit more whimsical than usual.

It does not look good so far. As expected our foreign-unfriendly party gets nearly 20%. Bad news and bad times.

Oh... at least you don't have our politicians - if not stopped, we'll be heading towards something worse than the communism.


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