K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

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Re: K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

Barry Pearson wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

.... OK - but my point with my post was that Pentax so far have always cared about forward compatibility for their lenses. And, if they make a short registration distance lens, then it cannot be used by future SLR cameras.


That is the downside of developing new lenses specifically for the new-mount.

I have said elsewhere that if Pentax develops a new mount, they should only develop new lenses for it if there is a clear benefit in doing so. If a new lens can equally work with K-mount SLRs or the new mount, it should be developed as a K-mount lenses.

I believe that even Canon and Nikon will confirm to this principle. They both have great long lenses, and will probably develop more. They won't reduce the market for those new lenses by making them new-mount-only unless they really have to.

I believe Pentax could get away with not releasing any new-mount lenses at the same time as a (hypothetical) new-mount mirrorless camera. There would be critics, but whatever Pentax does they have critics!

After all, Nikon have only released 3 new lenses, and Canon 4, so far. (Mid-range zooms and 35mm and 50mm primes). Even they didn't have the need or the capacity to replace a significant fraction of what they already have.

I believe that the most Pentax should release at the same time as such a (hypothetical) new-mount camera is a mid-range zoom of modest aperture. That camera and lens would be a very attractive package. (At least for me , and I believe for lots of other people). It might be less than 70% of the weight of a K-1-series camera plus D FA 28-105mm lens, which is a combination I carry around a lot.

On APS-C cameras, I used the Pentax DA 16-85mm F3.5-5.6 a lot, sometimes without bothering with other lenses. The K-3ii + DA 16-85mm weighs 1288 grams. That (hypothetical) Pentax FF camera + mid-range FF zoom would might less than 80% of that APS-C combination.

Perhaps just that one lens, plus eventually one or two highly specialised wide-angle lenses that really needed a short-registration, would be all that Pentax needed for many years.

Maybe. It sounds much ado about nearly nothing though. I wonder if they would bite.

But I agree, a lighter MILC camera with a specially made, good kit-zoom plus a K-mount adapter would be something I would welcome.

Then maybe specially made wide angle lenses, zoom or fixed focal length.

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