Get R now, wait, pass, or switch?

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Get R now, wait, pass, or switch?

Myself, I really like the R (am terribly disappointed that Canon did not incorporate IBIS, though), but feel it's priced too high compared to the competition.  So, most likely, I'm going to wait for a refurb deal in the future like I did with the 6D2, and, barring that, maybe switch systems when I upgrade next (but I'm thinking I won't).

This raises the question, then, that if I have the 6D2, which is relatively new, and is a camera I like a lot, why upgrade again so soon?  Well, that's 'cause the R has a lot of things I really like and could put to good use -- if it weren't for the lack of IBIS, I'd get it now.  But, yes, of course, staying with the 6D2 for a while is the prudent course (I kept the 5D for 7 years and the 6D for 5 years, so that might be how it goes this round).

Anyway, I'm curious what others are thinking, so...

Get the R now.
7.9% 17  votes
Get the R when prices fall.
12.6% 27  votes
Wait for a more fully featured Canon mirrorless and/or wait for a later generation Canon mirrorless.
30.4% 65  votes
Stick with what I have until something compelling enough to make me spend the asking price comes out.
25.2% 54  votes
My next upgrade will come in the form of switching systems.
23.8% 51  votes
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