K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

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Re: Summary of "adapters" @ 2018-09-08

DougOB wrote:

Barry Pearson wrote:

For various reasons I wanted to explore what Nikon and Canon are up to with their new-mount mirrorless cameras. I especially wanted to form a view about the potential lessons for the future of Pentax equipment.

Key items are their lens-mount adapters, and I started this thread to identify the implications of these, and record what I found. In the last few days, I've discovered a lot, from what others have posted in this thread and elsewhere, and by examining external sources.

This page is an attempt to summarise what I've learned at 8th September, and to add analysis and guesses and my own opinions. (I may post updated summaries in future).

New mounts are a good idea for new ranges of mirrorless cameras

I started a thread about various options that Pentax might adopt:

Some mirrorless options for Pentax

I was slightly in favor of not developing a new short registration mount. Posts from other people, and further analysis, show I was wrong. If Pentax mirrorless APS-C and/or FF cameras are introduced, they should use such a new mount.

Pentax should also release a good lens-mount adapter from the start.

It still depends on what a new mount is. Is it essentially a KAF4 mount with a shorter flange, or is it something so different that proper adapters need to be very complicated.

I would say that the Q followed the latter approach, but maybe lessons can be learned.

There's no point in creating a new mount if it carries the baggage from the old mount. There's no way a new mount would have an AF motor or aperture lever, since modern lenses don't need them and they would be an unnecessary expense in the camera.

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