Just bought XT2, no XT3 for me

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Just bought XT2, no XT3 for me

I just picked up my XT2 2 days ago from Hunts Photo. I decided to go with the XT2 instead of the XT3 for the following reasons (in case others are on the fence like I was). Please understand I am making an argument for my decision and not trying to flame the XT3.

Cost: They say the XT3 is cheaper than the XT2, but that's when the XT2 came out. The XT2 with kit lens is on sale for $1499. The XT3 without kit lens is $1499. So I get a "free lens"...a huge plus.

AF Performance: I am not buying all the hype. I believe when they say the XT3 is faster to autofocus I think that's Fujifilm marketing  comparing the original XT2 to the XT3. With firmware version 4.2 I am assuming the gap is not as large as they say. Think about it. If you are in marketing for Fuji aren't you going to compare the XT2 version 1.0 to the XT3 since it makes your new camera look better?

Phase Detection Points: That is a mixed blessing. You put phase detection points across the full sensor and you require more processing horsepower to handle them. If you aren't focusing in the corners very much, this is wasted horsepower.

Battery Life:  If they doubled the bad batter life I would have considered the XT3.  But squeaking out 10-20% isn't worth much to me.

More FPS and better video: I personally don't need 30FPS, anything over about 5 FPS is just icing on the cake. I don't shoot a lot of video using my camera so those enhancements don't matter to me.

Same screen: I would have liked a fully articulating screen, since there isn't one on the XT3 it doesn't give me a reason to go to it vs the XT2.

26 vs 24MP: I think everyone can agree that 26 is not really that much better than 24.  BSI may give me some benefit but I'm not sure how much.

Low light autofocus:  I have to give this one squarely to the XT3.  And this one gave me great pause when making my decision.  The firmware update 4.2 increased low light performance to -1EV.  The XT3 is advertised at -3EV.  That is a serious upgrade.  This one may be the one that I will regret.

Quad vs Dual core: On computers this may be a good thing, but I'm not sure on cameras. Cameras have one or two tasks, they aren't doing virus scanning in the background or checking for email and updates. I'm thinking that the processor can make a decision to perform a focus action then go to sleep while the motors do their thing. Motors work in the milliseconds, computers work in the microseconds.

BTW I am a lifelong Nikon user (other than a Mamiya TLR) and I decided to switch because I wanted the advantages the EVF gave me on a mirrorless, I also wanted the electronic shutter for taking silent pictures in a wedding. I also really liked having the manual dials on the top of the XT series.  The new Nikon mirrorless cameras are a disappointment from my point of view (just my opinion).

Finally with the cost difference of $400 I put that money toward the 55-200 kit lens which is not on sale for $599.  I.E I used the old adage that you should spend money on the glass because cameras come and go.

Again, I hope this helps someone who is making a similar decision.

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