Can't decide, DP0 or SD Quattro H + 14mm art lens?

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rick decker
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Re: Can't decide, DP0 or SD Quattro H + 14mm art lens?

14 H translates to 19.25 mm.  DP0 to 21mm. Not a big difference.

Then you have 25.5+mp vs 19.4mp   Here you will see a differene in detail.

Quality is not a function of sensor size.

You need to ask yourself what you want to carry around - especially from a size and weight.

Now if I were you and I shoot a lot of landsape, I would grab the DP0Q and the DP1Q.  Now you have 14 and 19 mm's covered.  Then grab an SD1 H and buy the 24-35.  It is a killer.  Then a 50 and 70 A and the 100-400 C.  Then call your banker or mortgage your house!!

Then if you want the Merrill look, pick up a 1 or 2 M and put it in your pocket!!  Can easily do 32x48 landscapes that look stunning.

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