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Re: Help Planning Full Moon in DC

I have made this shot a number of times. Unfortunately, this is not a particularly good event. The Moon is rising significantly to the south of the Capital from any reasonable shooting location, and it is rising close to the time of sunset, so the sky will be very bright, resulting in a low contrast Moon.

bmike's suggestion for the 23rd won't work as that is before sunset, and the sky will definitely be too bright. On the 24th the right moment will be about 7:22. If you are in town, you might give it a shot, but I probably would not bother driving down from Baltimore.

The best events are when you can locate between the Iwo Jima Memorial and the Netherlands Carillon. For this event, if you are as far north as the Iwo Jima Memorial it will not line up well. Going further north and east to the Roosevelt Bridge might work, if you don't get run over.

Here is a composite made by a friend of mine, Scott Hull, in 2014. It was a much more favorable event, shot from near the Carillon.

First, let me emphasize that this is not the line up of buildings that your will see. It will be very different. And the foreground may be problematical. I have mapped out the horizon for the area between Iwo Jima and the Carollon, but not further north. I will try to take a quick look this weekend to see where you can actually see the Capitol.

The image at 7:15:38 is the height you would be talking about. That was 6 minutes after sunset. For the 24th, the equivalent shot occurs about 7:20, 18 min after sunset. So you have a reasonable chance in terms of contrast.

I need to do a simulation for the actual location you could shoot from. I need to know the altitude of the shooting location to about 25' . I am off for a photoshoot and will be occupied with post processing, but will try to get back and give you a better estimate, if somebody else doesn't step in. It may be a week.

Here are some shots from Feb 2013:

Note the crowds. For a good event, there will be hundreds of people in the right location. (And a dozen or so in the really right  location, within the crowd.)

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