Maxxum 7000 vs 7000i

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Re: Maxxum 7000 vs 7000i

Yes , they are two different cameras .

The 1985  Minolta 7000AF was the first camera that was fully auto focus with the lens focussed by the camera body .

Other brands soon followed .

Earlier A/F attempts had been made by Pentax and Canon for example where the lens had a built in A/F unit , slow to focus and a very limited choice of lenses .

In 1988 Minolta followed on with the second series of cameras , starting with the Minolta Dynax 7000i ( the "i" stood for intelligent ) , Dynax is in the European market , Maxxum in the U.S and Alpha in the Asian market .

When Sony bought the camera division off Minolta in 2006 , they stuck with the "alpha" branding worldwide .

The 7000i is the better camera . Much better auto focus , the buttons for adjusting settings are a better ( bigger and easier to use ) , it uses a card system for pre programmed functions , and while most of these cards are useless to someone that knows how to take photo's , some such as the intervalometer card and multi-spot ( metering ) card and possibly the data storage card do have real uses .


A plus point for the earlier 7000AF is that it uses cheap , available everywhere disposable or rechargeable AA or AAA batteries ( depending on battery grip ) ,

and the later 7000i uses the more powerful but dearer and harder to find 2CR5 batteries .

Not a problem as a battery shoots many rolls of film and buy a spare anyway .


Either camera can use any A-mount lens made by Minolta or Sony ( and third parties) that do not have built in motor's  , so not SSM , SAM , Zoom Xi or Power Zoom lenses .

Most of my lenses that I use with my Sony digital and Minolta film cameras are the older Minolta screw driven lenses .

All fantastic quality lenses .


Have a read up ot the two cameras here ;

Details of the cards ;

A list of compatible lenses ;

And a link to the dedicated forum of A mount cameras , both Minolta & Sony film and digital cameras ;


Any questions , feel free to ask .

Regards , Neil .

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